LATVIAN MMA ASSOCIATION (LMMAA) was established in January 2013. It was an initiative of some organizations, one of which was the Latvian SAMBO Club Association, as well as Vyacheslav Semenkova MMA School - Latvian Top Fighters, Latvian Tekvon-do Federation (LTF), Sports Society SAJURA, and Sports Club "LTCS". These organizations joined forces to unite MMA in Latvia and represent Latvia in the European and World Official Championships.




The Latvian MMA Association (LMMAA) is the leading organization in Latvia whose representation is at the headquarters of the MMA Amateur World.


Since 2013, LMMAA is a member of the World MMA Association (WMMMA). Fyodor Yemenalyanenko is the honorable president of WMMAA.




Since 2018, the LMMA also has been a member of the International MMA Federation (IMMAF) and has moved the IMMAF interests in Latvia.

 Since 2019, the LMMA still represents the interests of the Global MMA Association (GAMMA) in Latvia and is a member of GAMMA.


The Latvian MMA Association is open to those who wish to participate in its work and actively develop Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the territory of Latvia as a single team. We are happy for anyone who wants to join our team of combat sports enthusiasts and we are looking forward to new contacts with active and interested parties.

Our Properties:


reģ. 40008206624

Liepājas 3b, Riga, LV1002, LATVIA



IBAN:   LV38 HABA 0551 0364 4669 5



mob. (+371) 295-100-10

email: INFO@MMA.LV


Founders of the Latvian Association of MMA:


LSKA (Latvian SAMBO clubs Association

Joins Sambo clubs all over Latvia, performs National Championships, and organizes the highest ranking of international competitions. In 2011 and 2015, the association has successfully organized the World SAMBO Championship between juniors and young people in Riga. And in 2013 the Junior European Sambo Championship took place in Riga.




LTCS (Latvijas Taekwon-do Centrāla Skola

Conducting classes with adults and children in Taekwon-do (ITF) sports, preparing athletes to participate in various competitions, including the most prestigious World Taekwon-do Championships.




LTF  (Latvian Top Fighters) -

Conducting classes with adults In mixed martial arts, preparing athletes at various levels, including the most prestigious European and World MMA championships.
Organizes the MMA Amateur Race series called "Open Cage", representing the interests of amateur and professional fighters at various levels in collaboration with international MMA organizations. In 2010, the LTF was opened by training centers located in Riga, Liepajas Street 3 / B (Agenskalns). This center has become the main training base in our school. The club has MMA, Judo, Taekwon-do seedlings.